Olive Oil Producers: The Kelidi Family

Kyklopas, a family-owned and operated business, traces its roots back through several generations. Argiris Kelidis, immersed in olives since his toddler years, learned the trade alongside his father and mother. Drawing from this robust foundation and extensive inherited knowledge, Argiris and his wife Niki Kelidou established their own family mill in 1982. Situated in Makri, Northern Greece, amidst one of the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean, the Kyklopas olive mill lies a stone’s throw away from Homer’s Cyclops cave (Kyklopas in Greek) and the ancient Via Egnatia, connecting European Turkey to Rome. Fueled by their passion and commitment, the Kelidi family tends to 12,000 olive trees and 2,000 organically cultivated trees of the local Makri olive variety, producing the globally acclaimed Kyklopas Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

At Kyklopas estates, the Kelidi family employs prudent practices in cultivating their trees, ensuring minimal use of water, fertilizers, and herbicides. Every stage of production is meticulously managed to protect both the environment and the consumer. Utilizing cutting-edge technology in olive harvesting, they employ automated vibration machinery to prevent olive damage. The harvested olives are placed in well-ventilated, plasticizer-free crates. The olive oil is promptly produced on the same day as harvesting, under optimal conditions (cold extraction below 25 degrees). After extraction, the oil undergoes filtration through paper filters to retain its chemical characteristics and natural aromas. Stored in stainless steel tanks in a cool, dry environment, the oil is then bottled by the family under hygienic conditions in accordance with ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015.

The Kelidi family’s mission is to consistently produce premium-quality extra virgin olive oil, aiming to elevate every consumer’s culinary experience while providing the numerous health benefits of olive oil. With complete control over every stage of the production process, from cultivating the olive grove to bottling on their premises, they ensure the unwavering quality of Kyklopas Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Having recognized the uniqueness of their olive oil from the start, Kyklopas entered the first Greek Olive Oil Competition in 2008 and effortlessly secured the PLATINUM prize. Since then, they have participated in major global olive oil competitions, amassing nearly 200 GOLD awards. Even before the official recognition of the Makris variety, the Kelidi family consistently used the name Makri in global competitions, ultimately leading to its acknowledgment. Makri olive oil received PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status on August 10, 2020, and in November 2020, Kyklopas produced the first officially certified Makris PDO oil in the form of AGES olive oil.

Kyklopas Extra Virgin Olive Oil has found its way to many countries worldwide, including Europe, Japan, Dubai, Taiwan, New Caledonia, South Korea, and America. Building long-term relationships with customers, Kyklopas ensures adherence to schedules and maintains constant communication at every stage of order preparation, guaranteeing the optimal condition of both packaging and contents.

Demonstrating sensitivity to the natural environment, Kyklopas embraces an environmentally friendly farming policy. Pruned branches are composted instead of burned, natural greenery and turf are preserved, and fallen leaves are inspected to ensure the highest quality soil. Liquid waste from oil extraction is collected by a biogas electricity plant, while leaves and pruned branches are transformed into compost, enriching the olive groves. All packaging materials used by Kyklopas are recyclable, aligning with their commitment to environmental sustainability. 

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