Olive Oil Producers: The Protoulis Family

Like many other inhabitants of Lesvos island, the Protoulis family have been farmers for many generations.

On these mountainous terrains, everything is done with great physical effort and care.

To endure quality, you need to collect the fruit from the tree at the right moment. You need to place and gather your nets several times and climb the steep terraces. 

Natural diversity is one of the main features  of the island.

Lesbos does not have big rivers, only streams. It features a mild Mediterranean climate and is very sunny throughout the year. Winters are mild and short, with rain, and summers are hot and rather dry. 

The organic and environmentally friendly farming methods allow wild flowers and native plants (such as oregano and rosemary) to grow on the roots of the trees, thus, giving the olives their rich aromatic elements. 

Nowadays Kostas Protoulis and his sons continue the work of their ancestors using the latest technology, at the same time following ancient traditions and strictly keeping the family secrets of this art. 

From the time of their great grandfathers much has changed both in the Lesbos olive oil production business and the Protoulis family.

Their goal however, remains the same: to produce olive oil of the highest quality standards with a unique aroma and the distinctive fruity taste of the finest, natural olive juice.  

Year after year, premium olive oils by the Protoulis family give us a versatile, subtle aroma and amazing rich fresh fruity taste. 

“Monitoring the tree and watching the fruit develop, confronting unpredictable and increasingly frequent extreme weather phenomena, improving transportation conditions, production methods, and packaging, trying to achieve even lower acidities, even better quality… 
Every year, you struggle to overcome your best self. And the greatest reward is when you make it, and have a superb olive oil with a full body, colour, and aroma.” 

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