CORNICABRA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CORNICABRA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive variety: Cornicabra.
Producer: The Deortegas Family.
Harvest period: Middle of October.
Harvest method: Mechanical and by hand.
Extraction temperature: Cold olive oil extraction 25ºC.
Chemical analysis: Acidity 0,1% – 0,2%.
Cultivation method: Organic.
Region of origin: Murcia, Spain.
Volume: 500 ml.

Shipping weight, inc. packaging: 1.172 kg.

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil CORNICABRA. Early harvest olive oil, cold-pressed within a few hours after harvesting and obtained solely by mechanical means. 

Olive oil Cornicabra will seduce you with a mild and slightly sweet start. But after taking a good sip of this fresh olive juice, you will realize how wrong you were. The wild temperament of Cornicabra quickly turns sweetness into a peppery bitterness. Within a few seconds, your throat will start to burn and tears will pour from your eyes.

This intense reaction is because early harvest olive oil contains a high amount of polyphenols, and Cornicabra olive oil is the world champion in polyphenol content, with about 750 mg/L.

Besides its unique combination of sweetness and bitterness, organic Cornicabra olive oil offers an unforgettable fresh grassy flavor with notes of unripe olives, artichokes, and green tomatoes.

Organic Spanish olive oil Cornicabra pairs well with steak, paella, tortilla, or grilled salmon. It’s also excellent with matured cheeses, stews, and casseroles.

Weight 1,172 kg

500 ml


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