AEGAEA ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AEGAEA ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive variety: Kolovi.
The Protoulis Family.
Region of origin:
Lesvos, Greece. Protected Geographical Indication.
Harvest period:
October – November.
Harvest method:
By hand
Cultivation method:
Extraction temperature: Cold olive oil extraction 25°C
Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,2% Max.
Volume: 500 ml.
Shipping weight, inc. packaging: 1,267 kg.



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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil AEGAEA. Early harvest olive oil, cold-pressed within a few hours after harvesting and obtained solely by mechanical means. 

It is the organic version of AEGAEA olive oil, made from the same kind of olives – Kolovi. Due to organic farming practices, each olive tree grows surrounded by various wild herbs (rosemary, fennel, thyme, oregano), which impart their rich taste and aromatic nuances. Therefore, by tasting this olive oil, you can detect light shades of these herbs.

AEGAEA ORGANIC is an early harvest, cold-pressed olive oil with high levels of oleocanthal and oleacein antioxidants. These are natural phenolic compounds found in extra virgin olive oil. According to various studies, they have anti-inflammatory properties and protect the heart and vascular system. It is these compounds that make olive oil healthy and cause the burning sensation in the back of the throat when you taste real extra virgin olive oil.

AEGAEA ORGANIC has a full, fresh flavor with hints of herbs and dried tomatoes. Its saturated fruity taste, as well as its rich texture, pair well with salads, white cheeses, and fresh vegetables.

You can consider this premium olive oil in white ceramic bottle not only as a magical aroma and delicate taste but also as an original and beautiful gift.


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