Slovenian Olive Oil

Traveling along the Slovenian Adriatic coast, it is hard not to see Istrian olive groves.
Olive trees grow on the hills, in valleys and in private gardens, covering with a green carpet all the space between the sea and the karst caves of Kras.   

The Northernmost Olive Oil in the World

Slovenia is not traditionally known as a major olive oil producer, as it is a small country with a relatively short coastline along the Adriatic Sea. However, in recent years, there has been a growing interest in olive cultivation and production in Slovenia, particularly in the Istrian region. 

Most of the varieties of olives came to Slovenia from neighbouring Italy, as their names clearly indicate: Itrana, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino… However here are autochthonous varieties Črnica, Buga and the most popular Slovenian olive variety Istrian Belica. 

Olive trees are very sensitive to temperature drops, so Slovenia is not the best place to grow olives, primarily due to frequent winter frosts, sometimes below -10°C. 

Istrian Belica first appeared in Slovenia about 100 years ago. This frost-resistant  olive tree is suitable for Slovenia and its fruits have a thick skin which allows to resists cold Adriatic winds Bora. Thus most Slovenian olive oils are made from olives Istrian Belica and have specific bitterness and piquancy, are very intense and rich in polyphenols.   

The Highest Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Slovenian olive oil is generally considered to be of high quality, with a distinctive flavour profile that reflects the unique terroir of the region. Severe weather conditions of Slovenia along with the voracity of the olive fly, which can easily destroy half of crop, make the farmer’s work something similar to heroism. 

Despite this, over 40 olive farms are officially registered on a tiny strip (about 30 km) of the Slovenian coast and most of them only produce premium extra virgin olive oil. 

Slovenian olive oil is in great demand not only in Slovenia but all over the world. Suffice it to say that only in Slovenia, demand exceeds supply by 3 times. Olive oil connoisseurs appreciate its unique strong taste and recognize that it is the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. 

You cannot find poor-quality (let alone fake) Slovenian olive oil, it simply does not exist. Slovenia is a small country and word of mouth works very well here. So if someone suddenly thinks to earn an extra couple of euros, violating standards and traditions, they will have to close their business very soon. Or maybe even move to a place where no one knows them.    

The Best Olive Oil in the Northern Hemisphere is Slovenian

Slovenian olive oils are not just excellent and unique, most of them are very expensive and premium extra virgin olive oils. Every year they win gold and silver at exhibitions and competitions in different parts of the world. 

Some Slovenian olive oil producers have received international recognition for their products, including awards at prestigious competitions such as the New York International Olive Oil Competition. 

There are two internationally awarded premium extra virgin olive oils in our collection: olive oils Sopotnik and Vanja Couvee. Besides a lot of international awards, both these oils are placed in the top of olive oils in Die Feinschmecker, the premium gourmet catalog of Germany. 

Also, In 2021 in Paris, at the International exhibition Olio Nuovo, premium extra virgin olive oil Vanja won the prestigious award for The Best Olive Oil In The Northern Hemisphere. 

Vanja Couvee is a superior blend of 16 varieties of olives, in which the flavours specific to each variety are intertwined and complemented. All olive oils by famous oil-maker Vanja Dujc are distinguished by their harmonious fruity aroma and taste, combined with a pleasant bitterness and moderate spiciness. The Sopotnik family produces excellent extra virgin early harvest unfiltered olive oil. Organic olive oil Sopotnik has an intense spicy aroma and hard and bitter taste with strong peppery finish. Like all unfiltered oils, olive oil Sopotnik is very dense, thick and cloudy. Tasting this oil you clearly feel the harsh and viscous taste of fresh olives. Try it! Just a tablespoon of this oil will turn your salad into a really fantastic gourmet journey. 

While Slovenia produces exceptional high quality olive oils, the country’s production volume is extremely limited. As a result, Slovenian olive oil might not be as widely available or well-known compared to olive oils from larger olive oil-producing countries like Greece, Spain and Italy. However, it’s certainly a gem worth exploring for olive oil lovers and connoisseurs.  

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