VANJA BELICA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

VANJA BELICA Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Olive variety: Istrian Belica.
Producer: Vanja Dujc.
Region of origin: Portoroz, Slovenia. Protected Geographical Indication.
Olive harvest period: Middle of October.
Olive harvest method: By hand.
Extraction temperature: Cold olive oil extraction 23ºC.
Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,2%
Cultivation method: Conventional.
Volume: 500 ml.
Shipping weight, inc. packaging: 1,235 kg.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil VANJA BELICA. Early harvest olive oil, cold-pressed within a few hours after harvesting and obtained solely by mechanical means. 

Istrian Belica is the most popular olive variety in Slovenia and one of the main ones in the olive grove of Vanja Dujc. This olive oil is easily recognizable by its vibrant golden-green color and bold, rich fruity flavor.

Istrian Belica smells like a warm Adriatic autumn. You can detect the intense aroma of freshly cut grass and crushed unripe olives, with a slight hint of green pepper and lemon. The fresh, wild bitterness is present even in the aroma.

Istrian Belica is a powerful and bitter olive oil, perfect for those who appreciate this kind of profile. Its taste combines bitterness and softness, spice and freshness, sharpness and lightness.

The finish? The juicy taste transitions into an inevitable sore throat. It’s not about the “pleasant peppery tickle” of Leccino olive oil; Belica says goodbye with a powerful and hot pepper kick that you won’t forget for a long time.

Olive oil Istrian Belica pairs great with cheese, meat, fish, and any heavy, hearty meal. This olive oil is not for summer salads, but for a fatty barbecue or spaghetti carbonara.

Weight 1,235 kg

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