KALAMATA Black Olives

KALAMATA Black Olives

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Olive variety: Kalamata (Kalamon).
Region of origin: Peloponnese, Greece.
Harvest period: November – December.
Harvest method: By hand.
Cultivation method: Conventional.
Volume: 1 kg, plastic jar.
Shipping weight, inc. packaging: 1,906 kg.

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Black Greek Olives Kalamata 1 kg.

Middle-sized, almond-shaped purple or dark-purple olives with a soft texture, from the Peloponnese region, Southern Greece. Kalamata (or Kalamon) olives are harvested by hand to avoid damage of gentle peel. The olives are usually packed in brine, wine vinegar and olive oil. Kalamata olives are used as table olives, mostly with mild olive oil (e.g. Aegean Gold) and lemon. Fine snack for wine or ouzo (anise spirit drink from Lesvos, Greece). The olives are packed in light salt brine. To avoid an overly salty taste rinse olives with cold running water before use.

Weight 1,906 kg

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2 reviews for KALAMATA Black Olives

  1. Emily J.

    I tried Kalamata for the first time, and I am absolutely delighted! So rich flavor, so mild and fruity, they are perfect! If you’re an olive lover, I highly recommend trying these. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Natalie Rocher

    These are the best Kalamata olives that I’ve ever tasted!

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