Olive Oil Prices Continue to Rise

Our olive oil producers are preparing for the start of the harvest. We are expecting fresh oil from Greece at the end of December. As for Spanish, Italian, and Slovenian olive oil, a new harvest is expected from now to mid-November. 

Unfortunately, olive oil prices continue to rise. Last year we were forced to raise prices by 20%, and this year the situation is unlikely to be better.

Economists attribute the rise in prices over the past few years to extremely dry weather in Spain, Italy, and Greece. You may know that these three Mediterranean countries account for more than 60 percent of the world’s olive oil production, and price increases in these countries have a strong impact on world olive oil prices. 

Usually, when a product becomes very expensive or unavailable, we can replace it with another. This works in many cases, but not in this one.

Olive oil (real olive oil) is unique and irreplaceable, and of course, the last thing you need is to risk your health by consuming surrogates. Realizing this, we try to keep prices within the most affordable range.  

In about a month we will know the exact prices for new harvest olive oil. And now, while we still have some stock of olive oil from the previous harvest, you can buy it at old prices, from 15,81€ per liter. ENJOY REAL OLIVE OIL! 

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