Mediterranean Diet in Sardinia

Sardinia is an incredibly beautiful and unusual island, especially if you visit it during some traditional costume festival with music and dance. Also, Sardinia is called the island of longevity.

Olive Oil and Wine in the Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil and wine are key components of the Mediterranean diet and Mediterranean cuisine. Around 5000 BC the ancient Mediterraneans got acquainted with olive oil, and hundreds of years later they first tasted wine.

Mediterranean Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Combining the Mediterranean diet with intermittent fasting creates a harmonious approach that addresses various aspects of health, from metabolic flexibility and blood sugar regulation to nutrient intake and anti-inflammatory effects.

Pairing Wine with Mediterranean Cuisine Dishes

Pairing wine with Mediterranean dishes can be a delightful experience, as the cuisine of this region often features a wide range of flavors and ingredients. Here are some general guidelines for pairing wines with different Mediterranean dishes:

10 Mediterranean Meals You Can Cook at Home

Cooking these Mediterranean dishes doesn’t require from you any special skills or spending hours at the stove, while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh taste of real Mediterranean food.

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