Hello, and welcome to MEDITERRANEAN!

Here you can learn some things about the Mediterranean diet (or Mediterranean lifestyle) which have long been recognized throughout the world as the healthiest and most organic. What does that mean?

Over the past few thousand years, various peoples have lived on the Mediterranean coasts. Ethnic groups, countries, and even civilizations appeared and disappeared. Borders, rulers and governments changed.

But something has remained the same throughout history. Visit any Mediterranean village and you will see olive oil, wine (almost everywhere), and bread on the table. Most people are engaged in farming, crafts, or housework, which means daily physical activity. Also, they live in families and communities. No one sits at the table alone here. And sharing dinners in the village square on weekends and holidays is quite common.

In 1958, the American physiologist Ancel Benjamin Keys searched for a way to save the United States from an epidemic of cardiovascular disease. The scientist conducted his Seven Countries Study, examining the culinary traditions and lifestyles of people in the United States, Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Italy and Greece. As a result of his research, the world learned about the Mediterranean diet.

It turned out that if you follow the lifestyle (which, of course, includes eating habits) of the inhabitants of authentic Mediterranean villages, you can forget not only about heart and vascular diseases but also cancer, diabetes and many other unpleasant things.

Too optimistic? Yes, but it works. Unlike all fad diets, this is not a quick way to lose weight for beach season. The Mediterranean diet is your conscious choice to lead your healthy lifestyle from now until forever. Because being healthy is the only way to enjoy this life.

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