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Everyone knows what olive oil is. We all know that it is made from olives, and that it is very healthy. Some of us are even familiar with words connected to it, such as “cold-pressed”, and “extra virgin”. 

Before I started this business, I knew absolutely nothing about olive oil. I had only heard somewhere that it was better to use the Extra Virgin kind, so that is what I used to buy in the supermarket. What I didn’t know was that sometimes I wasn’t even buying olive oil, but a mix of olive oil, sunflower oil, hexane, and beta-carotene.

Now, when I tell people about the olive oil market, they find this hard to believe.
How? Instead of one of the healthiest products, we are being sold carcinogens in a bottle?! How is this even possible? And where can we get real olive oil?

The answer is simple: buy it from the farmers. Simple, but not easy. After all, not everyone can live in the Mediterranean. 

This website was created for the people who do not have such an opportunity. 
Here you can buy olive oil produced by family farmers. We know them personally, trust them fully, and admire what they are doing. Here are some of our producers:  

The Deortegas family, Murcia, Spain: “The family have been farmers for many generations, and for the last 30 years they have produced entirely organic olives in the traditional, non-intensive way. In 2008, Marcelo Ortega and Rafaela Ortega created their own oil mill with a very clear objective: to produce delicious, organic, extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality; to cultivate and produce it in the traditional way, with the greatest possible respect for the natural environment, and inspired by a true love of the olive.” 

The Sopotnik family from Portoroz, Slovenia: “Our farm rests on a hill named Liminjan in an area called Istra on the Slovenian  coast. The olive grove, protected from the cold winter winds of Burja, faces southwest exposing the trees to the sun. Our production is entirely organic, at one with nature, bringing you a product of excellence, beneficial both to the earth and to your health. We offer our award winning extra virgin olive oil for you to purchase and enjoy.” 

The Protoulis family from Plomari, Lesbos island, Greece: “Monitoring the tree and watching the fruit develop, confronting unpredictable and increasingly frequent extreme weather phenomena, improving transportation conditions, production methods, and packaging, trying to achieve even lower acidities, even better quality… Every year, you struggle to overcome your best self. And the greatest reward is when you make it, and have superb olive oil with a full body, colour, and aroma.”

Sounds good? Well, it’s time to taste and check if their products really are that fine. But be careful: after tasting this olive oil, you’ll never go back to supermarket again. Try it just once, and you’ll be addicted forever.
So welcome to a real olive oil store! Enjoy our collection!     

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